74% of ALL Internet Traffic will be through animated videos in 2018

Animated videos lead the way in engaging a wider audience and driving your profits.

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About Us

Skill, talent , industry-specific expertise and rich experience of our individual assets together make up our solid unit at Mighty Animations. Each of our members takes pride in what we do. Like true artists in every area we set our hands to, we create assets that speak volumes of your style and finesse.

Browsing through our portfolio, you will see how much we believe in perfection, down to the last pixel. This innate desire to produce impeccable work is an attribute of a true artist, and one that Mighty Animations is proud of. For years, having fulfilled the requisites of customers has been accompanied with pleasure in creating art that speaks highly of who we are deep down at the level of our souls.


Harness the power of customized animated videos and drive your brand to the next level. Let us explain how each step is completed to provide you with video animation to drive your brand

The entire process of creating and delivering your customized artistic animated video is broken down into the following:


We work with you to ascertain your idea, and brainstorm for the best solutions, in order to formulate a robust and complete concept. Firstly, there is a requirement gathering procedure that entails taking down every type of note that will help us understand your complete idea. Next, we come up with a variety of ideas presented by experts on our team, who all need to evaluate and agree on a final solution.


While you are free to script the entire concept yourself, we take pride in scripting alone or in collaboration with you, to deliver a complete and succinct script. Moreover, our professional creative writers can’t wait to unleash the power of their creative minds for your video idea.

Story Boarding

To help you envision what the animated video will look like, we adhere to your brand guidelines closely and work from the brief. With an array of key frames, we build a picture story of your video. At different stages, we indicate which screens will be animated to match the voiceover.

Voice Over

We will find you a voice that matches the tone and style required for your video. While we look to engage an experienced resource for this, we’re completely open to the idea of having a business leader from your side add to the originality of your audio creation.


Animation is initiated as soon as the script, style frames and voice over are completed. The process involves top quality coding that is impeccable and works smoothly. This can be the lengthiest of all the stages in the entire process, depending on the duration and complexity of animations involved. When this process is complete, we let you review it.

Sign Off

We only sign off when you’re satisfied with the end product. It has to be run several times through our testing cycle, in order to ensure perfection. When you’re completely satisfied, we export the animated video based on your technical requirements.

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Take a look at our custom animated videos from a variety of projects. We consider these works of art that have our heart and soul in them.

our clients



Online website visitors and those on your social media pages are likelier to focus on your brand when you have an animated video. Catchy images, with facts and figures along with an impressive voice can certain grip a visitor’s attention.

Just picture creating an animated video and the platforms through which you can distribute it. On social media alone, it is almost bound to create the buzz you need. With a link back to your site, your traffic is bound to swell. Moreover, each video can be share and circulated repeatedly as long as the facts conveyed through it are current and are relevant to your target audience.

With 33% of tablet owners watching one hour of video per day on their devices, you can imagine the engagement you can win. Moreover, with 93% of marketers leveraging video for online marketing, sales or communication, you probably need to catch up quickly.


Videos are known to convey way more information than plain text or images. In 2016, we witnessed a mammoth turn towards more video animation for this very reason. We have witnessed more and more brands capitalize on animated videos on their websites, on social media, etc.

Nothing beats cool and creative ways of spreading knowledge and information, and this is precisely the impact that a customized animated video can have on your target audience. The rise of videos being used in marketing speaks volumes of how much video content will be used. It’s noteworthy to mention that 87% of online marketers use videos as part of their marketing strategies, and 65% of visitors viewing your video, arrive at your website and make a purchase decision. Moreover, in 2017, 74% of all internet traffic will be engaged by videos.

93% of Marketers Use Video for Online Marketing, Sales or Communication.

52% of Marketing Professionals Worldwide Name Animated Video as the Type of Content with the Best ROI.

The Chances of Getting Page One Listing on Google Increases 53 Times with Video.

65% Visit Your Website after Viewing Your Video, and Make a Purchase Decision.

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